Friday, November 03, 2006

More Akanda Pictures
Below is a picture from another fishing village, this one is called Moka. The people were really friendly and most of them spoke English.

The mangroves are huge here!
Below is Ruth, the most enthusiastic paddler! She was such a good sport about spending her vacation day paddling after we ran out of gas. Ruth runs WCS's program at Langoue Bai in Ivindo National Park.Pin-tailed Wydah, a very cool little bird we saw in Akanda. Note the extremely long tail.


Bam said...

Hi Lucy - Surprise! I've been reading your notes with great interest since learning of your blog from guess who?

What a great chronicle. Our youngest son Walt has been touring Europe since Labor Day and also has a blog - hence the proficiency of someone so ancient. (I am Lucy's 79 year old Uncle for you Blog-voyeurs who may not know me. Her Mom is my much older cousin.)
Anyway, Walt has not mastered including pictures in his blog yet, or perhaps he does not want us to see what's going on....

And, Blog-voyeurs, let's give Lucy some positive feedback. I bet there are a lot of you reading this, but where are the comments? If old me can sign up and write, so can you.

One last question Lucy- is CB with you or did you leave him stateside?


Lucy said...

79??? Did you get stuck in a time warp or something? I've never met someone of you're age who actually wants to be 15 years older than he really is! :-)