Saturday, April 19, 2008

Angola Manatee Trip 1 Completed

I'm pleased with all the interviews and surveys we've accomplished in just under 2 weeks. I leave Soyo with a good undersatanding of the area, the excitement of seeing and photographing a manatee, great information from all the villages I visited, and good ideas for work to accomplish next time. I'm planning to return next summer, dates to be determined soon.
Thanks so much to everyone at Angola LNG for all the help (and quite a few laughs); Sheryl, Brian, Joao, Mike, Burt, Keren, Karen, Dave and the boat drivers in particular! And as always, thanks to Tim for providing good advice, constant humor and enthusiasm.

Here are a few more pictures, to give you a feeling for this place:

Huge container ships wait at the mouth of the Congo River because dock space at their destination ports is limited. The Congo River submarine canyon comes quite close to shore, allowing enormous ships to get very close to shore.

A boatload of empty gas drums on it's way downriver from Boma, DRC. The driver can't see where he's going, so another man is posted on the bow to help guide the boat.

Most local people still travel in canoes hand carved from a single tree
A few boats had homemade sails added

Boys playing
Kids loved my camera and begged me to take pictures continuously. Joao printed out copies to give to them on his next visit.

Palm Nut Vultures are common here and much more handsome than their American cousins.

And lastly, a gorgeous Baobab tree on the lagoon!

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