Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gabon: Weekly Victor update

I received some great news this morning- Victor's lost milk shipment has finally been located! Due to an airline screw up (the baggage tags apparently weren't properly attached to the trunks), the trunks reached the airport in Paris but since their final destination wasn't known because the tags fell off,  the trunks were shipped to the Seattle area home of the passenger who was transporting them to Gabon for us. He just returned there to find the trunks sitting in his garage. At least they've been found, and we're now working with the airlines to get them shipped back to Gabon, since Victor's milk supplies will be depleted again in 3 weeks.

At Victor's weekly health assessment the other day he weighed in at 94kg. Jonathan estimates Vic is eating 30% of his daily diet in plants now (up from 10% a couple weeks ago) and his bottle feedings have been reduced to 3 times per day, so he's making steady progress. My friend Ruth Leeney, who is studying dolphins in Gabon, took the following photos of Victor when she visited this week:

Jonathan taking Victor's heart rate
Looking good Victor!

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