Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Africa is Not a Country Photography Exhibit

For those of you in the Portsmouth, NH area, a photography exhibit entitled "Africa is not a Country" is up and running for the month of November. I have 4 photos in the show (including one of Victor, shown below), and proceeds from the sale of my photos and postcards will benefit my African manatee research. The exhibit is being held by the Seacoast African American Cultural Center and admission is free. To get directions or read more about the show, please click here.

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Unknown said...

Hi Lucy,

My name is Karen, I'm from Brazil.
I'm a veterinary and I work with Amazonian manatee. We have a project with the amazonian riverines, and the main goal is to inform about the importance of manatee conservation.

Do you have an email? I really would like to talk with you.
my email is: karencbueno@yahoo.com.br

Your project is unbelievable and I'm enchanted.


Karen Bueno